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shoop wellbeing

Do you value letting go and being in the moment?
Get our free SHOOP in real life ideas 

to help you set the vibe

and build momentum

for better team wellbeing

91% say that unmanageable stress or frustration impacts on the quality of their work*

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Our workshops are designed to help

you & your team reset,

sustain good relationships,

open up new conversations,

plan and work for greater impact

this is team wellbeing 

Invitations to let go await…


to work differently

shoop wellbeing



Quarterly membership

Invitations to let go, 

real conversations, good relationships

freedom to work differently

inc SHOOP kit

shoop wellbeing



120 minutes

a short SHOOP workshop to take stock

be collaborative

be connected

open up new conversations

Perfect for away days & team meetings.

If you would like bespoke SHOOP to work with your team or group please get in touch

SHOOP is positive, up-beat, ambitious, out of your comfort zone experiences

when you do them, with others, your heart beats and you let go

Start with our FREE SHOOP in real life practice

Join the SHOOP collective here

"I had underestimated what a difference this would make.
Our team work well together, so I hadn't
realised there were things unsaid, or difficult conversations to be had.
It is true that SHOOP is now a well said verb in our team -
it helps us look out for each other at work and we have better conversations."
Tracey, HR

*Deloitte survey in 2020. 

our friends

thank you for continuing to support the shoopery

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